VALUE + is a training course hosted in Saumur, France, from  16 to 24 of June 2014 (including travel days), hosted by E-Juniors. The theme of this training is attitude for learning and it’s use in entrepreneurship and how to develop tools and methods for personal and professional development. The number of participants it’s 24 in total, 3 of each partner country (8 countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania).


get to know organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship methods and tools among the youth, provide an opportunity for key actors to share their views about entrepreneurship a get to know success cases of entrepreneurship in real practice, share good practices and methods among peers;  promote motivation among the participants and local community for personal and professional development;  provide fundamental tools and methods for developing entrepreneurship and attitude for learning;


The activities were based in active and non-formal methods: team building, discussion sessions, work and reflection groups, visualizing videos and powerpoint presentations, games, intercultural evenings, visit of the local community, etc. Estimulation of the development of personal and group competencies, taking in consideration the Key Competences of Youth Pass. We had a daily and a final evaluation.

Here you have a video with a resume of the project

4 comments on “Project
  1. Chiara says:

    Dear Sergio and Toninho,

    sorry for the delay in replying but I have been RALLLY busy with work and studies!
    Last Friday I went to my professor to discuss my thesis and he tried to explain that I should make a self brainstorming plan (MIND MAP) and I went back to what you taught me.. I was really prepared in that topic and I feel confident!

    I can tell you both that the project was really well organised and it happened in a particular moment of my life when I really needed it! The most significant activity was when Laura coached me and I started thinking about what I want.
    Moreover, you gave us some really useful tools that they don’t teach us at university so I strongly think that every student should have at least one experience like the one you organised. I saw that in the description of the project you wrote a lot about “entrepreneurship” but we never used that word in our project. We used Creativity, or innovation or self improvement and so on.. Actually, I realised that entrepreneurship is all that. You didn’t give us the ability to use our entrpreneurship BUT you helped us to start discovering what we have inside so I will be forever grateful..

    Anyway, I am going to work with a tool you taught us and as soon as possible I will post it in our group to show you my progress.

    Hope this comment is not too personal and not professional enough but it is what I was thinking,

    Thanks for your time and help,

    chat soon



  2. Monika says:

    Dear trainers,

    I can say that this international project was the best project I have ever participated so far. You prepared really amazing and valuable programme for us. Some of the things I have already known but many of them were educational and helpful. And I hope I can use what you thought me in the future and spread it among others.

    I am sure I will never forget the time we all have spent together and I am really grateful for so amazing and professional trainers as you are. Keep your attitude and I wish you all the best with future projects 😉


  3. João Noronha says:

    Toninho and Sérgio,

    I want you to know that I’m very pleased I took part in this great Training Course. The whole group was really nice and both the project and the activities were very well organized. It was very interesting to learn that even by doing “basic” things we can manage to find very deep and very important conclusions. Personally, it was very helpful that you were not there just to give us the answers for a specific issue but instead you were teaching us, by using wise tools, how to find those answers inside ourselves, because our inner answers are the best to solve our problems.
    I loved all the activities we developed there but if I had to choose some of them, I would say that the Spider Web, the Leadership games and the Coaching sessions were really enlightening to me.
    I hope I can take part in some other projects like this one in the future.
    Once again, Muito Obrigado.
    João Noronha from Portugal


  4. Paula Danciu says:

    Dear trainers,participants and readers,

    I would like to start by describing VALUE + as the best and most useful project I have participated in so far.Even though I do not have a very rich experience with this kind of projects,VALUE + has proven me the utility and importance of them in one’s personal development.

    This project took place in a moment of my life when I needed some guidance and the activities were not only enjoyable but also very enriching. Who would have thought there are so many tools at our disposal which could help us organize our thoughts/activities and achieve our goals?

    The week spent in Saumur left me with a lot of entuziasm,energy,self-confidence and a clear mind.The activities helped me develop a mindset which I am sure will be of great use on the long term and moreover helped me design the plan for the next year of my life.
    I have kept all the notes I took during the project and read them again and again everytime I feel that is needed.

    Sergio and Toninho,thank you so much for your energy,for your willingness to share with us your experiences and knowledge and the constant good mood.The work you are doing is of great value and very inspiring.

    The VALUE + group could not have been better. Such intelligent,open-minded and nice people gathered in one place.I felt so comfortable within the group and enjoyed so much talking to you and getting to know all of you.I felt inspired by you and I learnt many ways to develop myself through your experiences.

    I wish you all good luck in everything you are currently doing or planning to do,always keep an open mind,a positive attitude and a big smile on your faces and hopefully we’ll have the chance to meet again one day.

    All the best,



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